Privacy Policy has provided Terms and Conditions of their website(s) access or use. These Terms and Conditions can be called Rules and Regulations pertaining to second and third party privacy policies. Hence, as with attributable incidences of engaging the in any way you are liable to either of the following Terms and Conditions on their Privacy Policy.

PRIVACY POLICY has developed such policies that would protect their privacy and that of their users. For instance, party has produced the following policies that would help in governing their privacy and that of their users or clients;
1). should not be referred to as the originator of any contents that is being displayed or generated as the sources of such or creations of such content(s) may not be established at any given time.
2). is an organizational service similar to product and shall not be liable to any usage or consumption of its content whether in partly or wholly.
3). The access and usage regarding third party consent shall not be liable to any compensations of such usage whether they have used these services and products willing or innocently.
4) shall at initial or some point decide to collect personal information which could be used for decision making without the prior knowledge of the user or client.
5.) may decide to change part or whole of their privacy policy or policies without the prior knowledge of the user or the client.
6). would not take any responsibility resulting from poor handling of personal details. As this may have happened due to users’ carelessness.
7) would only attempt to ensure high security of safe-keeping of personal details and information due to interventions of high-tech facilities involved.
The user or client is found to bridge one or more of these privacy policies would be liable to a penalty in these policies and laws prevailing in the country of residence.