About the Author

Brian Long has been building a professional career since 2010, and in 2012 founded “I’”, the largest internet community in this region with more than 1,000 members. There are a lot of well known members you can find on his blog, including actors, artists and other celebrities. They’ve helped him in many ways. You can find on his blog some interesting information about founding a BrianLong foundation. This foundation was raised in order to help children with special health care needs. He’s also a developer of a strategy board game called Shooters, available online as well. He worked with a lot of people, including famous designers of board games to create this awesome and educational game
There is a website completely devoted to this game and you can play it online for free. Yes, you’ve read it right. We’ve decided to run it for free because this is a humanitarian organization. We are a part of United Nations and UNICEF. Brian is a developer and a project manager as well. He worked on more than 300 projects for clients all around the world, as part of the team. Brian is a business owner and entrepreneur. As an internet marketing consultant, he collaborated with more than 40 of the world’s top brands in order to help them build a powerful local market. Blog “I’m with Zombie” is dedicated to all the entrepreneurs and people with big ideas. He writes about how to succeed in becoming a business owner and how to own it. He has been proclaimed several times as one of the best one in the region. Since August 2016, he has been elected Co-founder of the National Internet Domain Registry of U.S.A. Brian teaches “Business for beginners” online and in several private schools. You can apply for it here on his blog. More information is available in section “Services”.

Counseling for Blog Writers and Online Entrepreneurs

We have a plan for each and every one of you and it’s called a Start. Start doing something. If you are dealing with services – start providing them to acquaintances and earning. If you trade – try to do it for cash. Find out which are the most successful methods for finding new customers. Get experience from practice that will be necessary for keeping up the job. When the business starts and your income rises enough, it’s time for you to think about establishing your own company. These are some of the main issues we discuss in our classes. This does not end here – there are many more. We also offer “question-answer” type of classes, so no worries – all of your questions will be answered.
What are the Advantages and Risks of Being an Entrepreneur?
Advantages include independence, permanent job challenges, freedom of personal expression, diversity of business opportunities, satisfaction. Risks include Finances, family, and social risks, stress.
Every change starts with us. If we want to change something, first we have to change. There are clear and simple rules on how to build a business and earn money, but everything starts with us. Motivation is an internal fuel that drives us to action.
Start today. Make something. Subscribe to our daily motivational tips and tricks, and you can always visit us for a private session. First one’s free!