How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

A lot of companies out there offer their SEO services under different price range. How will you choose and identify which of them is the right one for you?

This article offers information as to how to decide which one to choose and how much to pay for the SEO services needed for your business.

If you’ve been doing business for some time now, no doubt that you already heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Many business owners sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with information, most of which is unfamiliar. And for all of it to make sense, it can be a headache and a huge step for most business owners.

How Much Does SEO Services Cost?

In the year 2011, a survey of more than 500 SEO agencies around the world was completed.

The study shows that the related fee of SEO task done on an hourly basis was $76 to $200 per hour. And when the services are applied on a retainer basis, two of the most usual costs were $251 to $500/month (13.8%) and $2,501 to $5,000/month (11.3%).

Project-based pricing is also offered by some SEO firms, which price ranges from $1,000 to $7,500 per assignment.

This said results are several years old, thus the rates have most likely increased. But this data is so far one of the most comprehensive research ever conducted.

What Should You Pay for Its Services?

Despite the study mentioned above, the truth about the cost of SEO can be put in a generic price. This means that there are several variables involved when pricing its services.

In relation, here are some questions that will guide you in knowing the answers to your SEO question that will help you decide whether to avail the SEO services offered or not.

Who is your target market?

In the life insurance industry, ranking on search engines is harder and will require more work compare with the other fields.

Data shows that the following were the top industries that pay Google for its AdWords services: finance and insurance, travel and tourism, retailers and general merchandise, home and garden, jobs and education, computers and consumer electronics, vehicles, and more.

This information implies that business owners in these fields will be investing more on organic routes to market as well. And that the competition in the real world is indeed massive.

What do you want to achieve, like what are your goals?

One of the first things that you should discuss with an SEO agency is the goal you want to achieve. If you really want to rank in the search engine results of Google using the keywords like “life insurance,” be prepared to invest a large sum of money. But if, on the other hand, you only want to rank locally within a certain area of your town using the noncompetitive term such as “home security supplies,” then it is possible with a relatively lower amount of job required and therefore possible for a much lower budget.

What and how many keywords are you looking to rank for?

The increase or decrease in SEO services costs is highly dependent on the number of keywords or phrases you want to rank. The task has to help the domain authority to increase and has to be completed on an independent basis for each keyword or phrase. As the old saying goes, time is money.

To conclude, if your company is currently building a marketing plan for a whole year round, you must at least have considered the idea of hiring the services that an SEO company can provide. With an estimated 61 percent of organic and non-brand clicks going to the top three positions in the search engine results page, there is surely a large amount of business to be generated and right results to gain once the well-suited SEO agency is used.

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