A Look at How Doctors Plan Their Medical Practices

We are a business blog, and we focus on all types of business. As such, I want to bring attention to a new development I have seen in the Medical Industry. As a health professional, there are factors to consider when planning for a medical office. As you might have expected, it’s a time consuming process so you will need to invest a considerable amount of time. You should give the whole process about six months in total. It will take about three months to find an ideal location and premises; that promises involves doing multiple surveys to get the best of the available spaces. You will then spend the next three months renovating building to make it fit for your medical facility. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the steps and things to consider during that time.

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When planning for a medical office, location is a key factor. You will need to choose a location easily accessible to as many patients as possible. It is important to choose an area covering as many residents as possible preferably at the center of location in mind. In addition, consider availability of parking space and presence of good transport network in case you will be receiving referrals. If you are not sure you are doing it right, you may hire a Medical Space Planning Service, then choose from the top three or two locations. Choosing to hire rather do the search yourself will hasten the process, but it will cost you more.

Office size

There are many types of spaces to choose depending on the usage of the space. The number of physicians is an important consideration to have in mind when planning for your medical office. A physician’s office should measure about 1200 to 1500 square feet while those for other professionals need less space about 1000 to 1200 square feet. However, additional space is required for other equipment such as x-rays and imaging.

If you are starting small, the head physician’s office along with that of the reception area will occupy about half of the space. You may choose to make the head physician’s office be the examination room as well. That will also mean the medical examination machines will be in the head office as well. The other machines used for administrative work such as printers will then be on the reception area.


Once you have the basic plan of how your medical facility will look like, you need to start renovating your new premises. Renovations will help you to project the kind of image you would want people to have of your practice. While a medical facility doesn’t need an upmarket location with expensive furniture, you still need to give it a professional look that is both comfortable for patients, and efficient to work in.

Moreover, you will need to install fittings such as electrical services, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and plumbing. These need to be done according to regulations governing health facilities. In order to get everything right, you will need to hire the services of an architecture that has specialized in designing medical facilities or a professional Medical Space Planning Service.

Buying or Renting

If you are planning to set up your facility in an area that is still growing economically, you may need to look for an option that allows you to buy rather than rent the premises. In most cases where the medical facility is profitable and therefore is going to operate for many years to come, buying the premises is better than renting it. Long-term renting means after about 20 years, the total cost of renting the premises will have exceeded the initial purchase price you would have paid to own the rented premises. Moreover, buying the premises gives you more leeway in how you would want to renovate it.

Surprisingly one of the best ways to make some extra money is by selling items patients will need and usually buy from elsewhere. This may sound generic but if you treat a patient for a knee problem why not sell them some top knee pads too? If they need antibiotics why not sell them that too? You will be able to get a good premium for these items.


It can be challenging setting up a medical facility from scratch. The good news is you may hire a medical space planning service to help you get through the difficult stages, and go on to have a successful practice. We hope that you found this article on medical space planning service to be informative and engaging, and wish you the best as you work towards setting up your new medical facility.

What are the best gaming desks of 2018?

Serious gamers need the right equipment for playing games. The best option for these gamers is to get a computer desk designed specifically for gaming. Spacing is key when it comes to game desks. It is easier for gamers to keep a track of their stuff with a more spacious desk. The problem many gamers face is not having enough space to work with. best gaming desk for each gamer will differ depending on their situation and needs. If you are a serious gamer you should already know there are desks designed specifically for gaming, read more about the best gaming desks on the market.

Gaming desk

There are not many desks designed with gaming in mind but the Atlantic Gaming desk is one that is. Most gamers wish they had as much space that they need to comfortably game without creating a clutter. The Z-Line Belaire has a sleek design made with a metal frame and glass surfaces. The glass used is tempered glass that is hard to break. It also brakes into large chunks so injuries are less likely.

The Techni Mobili Deluxe is also a desk that is designed with tempered glass. The metal frame of the desk is scratch free, reinforced and moisture resistant. One of the great things about this desk is its ability to customize. This desk as a plain design but is one of the best desks for gaming.

PC Desks

The Claremont is another product of Z-Line and it is from the higher end of PC desks. The top is smoked glass with a classy metal frame that boasts its high-end quality. It has a conventional design with a unit in the rear to help with the management of your computer cables. It has an elegant look and would be perfect in a modern design room.

There are many desks available for gaming but not all are designed for gaming. There are not many desks designed for gaming but there are a few. Not because some of these desks were not designed specifically designed for gaming they are still used for this purpose. The best gaming desk will always be the one you favor the most and you will have to do some research on your own to find the one suitable for you and your applications. If you are a serious gamer you might want to think about investing in a desk specifically for gaming. This will save you a lot of time money and confusion.

How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

A lot of companies out there offer their SEO services under different price range. How will you choose and identify which of them is the right one for you?

This article offers information as to how to decide which one to choose and how much to pay for the SEO services needed for your business.

If you’ve been doing business for some time now, no doubt that you already heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Many business owners sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with information, most of which is unfamiliar. And for all of it to make sense, it can be a headache and a huge step for most business owners.

How Much Does SEO Services Cost?

In the year 2011, a survey of more than 500 SEO agencies around the world was completed.

The study shows that the related fee of SEO task done on an hourly basis was $76 to $200 per hour. And when the services are applied on a retainer basis, two of the most usual costs were $251 to $500/month (13.8%) and $2,501 to $5,000/month (11.3%).

Project-based pricing is also offered by some SEO firms, which price ranges from $1,000 to $7,500 per assignment.

This said results are several years old, thus the rates have most likely increased. But this data is so far one of the most comprehensive research ever conducted.

What Should You Pay for Its Services?

Despite the study mentioned above, the truth about the cost of SEO can be put in a generic price. This means that there are several variables involved when pricing its services.

In relation, here are some questions that will guide you in knowing the answers to your SEO question that will help you decide whether to avail the SEO services offered or not.

Who is your target market?

In the life insurance industry, ranking on search engines is harder and will require more work compare with the other fields.

Data shows that the following were the top industries that pay Google for its AdWords services: finance and insurance, travel and tourism, retailers and general merchandise, home and garden, jobs and education, computers and consumer electronics, vehicles, and more.

This information implies that business owners in these fields will be investing more on organic routes to market as well. And that the competition in the real world is indeed massive.

What do you want to achieve, like what are your goals?

One of the first things that you should discuss with an SEO agency is the goal you want to achieve. If you really want to rank in the search engine results of Google using the keywords like “life insurance,” be prepared to invest a large sum of money. But if, on the other hand, you only want to rank locally within a certain area of your town using the noncompetitive term such as “home security supplies,” then it is possible with a relatively lower amount of job required and therefore possible for a much lower budget.

What and how many keywords are you looking to rank for?

The increase or decrease in SEO services costs is highly dependent on the number of keywords or phrases you want to rank. The task has to help the domain authority to increase and has to be completed on an independent basis for each keyword or phrase. As the old saying goes, time is money.

To conclude, if your company is currently building a marketing plan for a whole year round, you must at least have considered the idea of hiring the services that an SEO company can provide. With an estimated 61 percent of organic and non-brand clicks going to the top three positions in the search engine results page, there is surely a large amount of business to be generated and right results to gain once the well-suited SEO agency is used.

7 Simple Programming Tips You Should Know

Working as a programmer is one of the most lucrative home based business ideas in the modern times. This has been enhanced by increased programming needs in the different industries. It is an area that requires dedication and commitment in order to succeed. Just like in any other field, you need to learn some of the basics you need to implement. To help you succeed, here are some simple programming tips you need to follow.

Start with the basics

Conceptual understanding is the most important thing for you to succeed as a programmer. Conceptual understanding will help you in designing and implementation of the perfect solutions. In case you have problems with certain concepts in the field, it is advisable you understand them effectively before you start.

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Create simple and logical codes

The principle of keeping it simple and short works well in programming. So, it is advisable you write simple and logical codes. You should never make the mistake of writing complex codes, just to demonstrate that you can create them. Simple codes lead to few issues and works more perfectly.

Focus more on problem analysis

As you work, you need to put more focus on trying to understand, analyze the problem and designing the right with solution for the problem. By doing this, you will find all other things easy to do. It is worth noting that designing does not only involve modeling tools and languages. It can just involve thinking about the solution in your mind.

Always be the first one to review and analyze your codes

It might be hard, but it is advisable you be the first one to break your code, before you allow others to do it. By doing this, you will learn fast how to create bug free codes. Make sure you carry out unbiased review of your codes. You should also network with other successful programmers to check your codes. Their feedback will go a long way in helping you become an expert in programming.

Learn from codes written by others

Learning from others codes will help you become a great programmer fast. You will understand how to write great programs. Take time to learn from codes developed by professional in this field. In case there is an issue you do not understand about their codes, never hesitate to ask in order to broaden your skills and knowledge.

Be updated with the changing technology

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic. When you work as a programmer, you have to be updated with all the changes taking place in the industry. However, you should first of all understand some of the core concepts that do not change often. By understanding the core concepts, it becomes easy for you to learn the new tools, APIs and frameworks that keep on being updated.

Work with solutions you fully understand and do not overwork

Overworking yourself when programming can lead to coding problems that will take time to rectify. You might end up corrupting the codes, making them less maintainable and extendible. It is advisable that you only implement a certain solution when you fully understand it.

Tech for Dummies: Why HTML is Not a Programming Language


HTML abbreviated as (hypertext markup language) is a simple language consisting of elements that can be applied to pieces of texts to give them a different meaning in a file, structure the file into logical sections and embed contents like videos and images into a page. The language defines the structure of web pages plus it determines how data is displayed online. What you’re looking at right now is HTML code, read as well as interpreted by the browser, but this does not make HTML a programming language.

A Markup Language

HTML is just a markup language. It marks up or encapsulates data within HTML tags that define the data as well as describe its purpose on a web-page. Your web browser then interprets the HTML, which informs it things such as which parts are headings, links, paragraphs, and much more. The HTML describes the data in your browser, and then the browser displays the data accordingly. That is how the browser knows that;

This is a paragraph,

This is a Heading, and

This is a link

However, this isn’t programming. The above isn’t an example of an executable script. What it means is that the HTML was only used to markup the text for your browser to read and then interpret as a web-page content. It informed the browser which parts were paragraphs, which were headings, as well as which were links, and then your browser displayed them as such. Ideally, HTML is used for structural needs on a web-page, not functional ones.

Not a Programing Language.

The programming language has functional purposes. HTML as a markup language does not do anything in the sense that programming languages do. HTML does not contain programming logic. It does not have common conditional statements like Else/If. It cannot evaluate expressions or perform any math. It does not carry out tasks or handle events. You cannot declare variables or write functions. It does not manipulate or modify data in any way. HTML cannot take input and then produce output. Think of it this way; you cannot compute the sum of 1+1 in HTML; that is not what it is for because HTML isn’t a programming language.

Still Amazing

Unfortunately, coding only in HTML does not make you a programmer. Besides, HTML shines when you use it together with the actual programming language like when using the web framework. That is when you can begin serving-up dynamically created web-pages as well as data applications. But do not worry, even with pure HTML language, you are still a coder. You are writing lines of code in markup and not a programming language. You are essentially codifying info for the web. Therefore, while you may not want to have HTML on the programming languages, part of your resume, you’d have it under “languages” or “skills.”

Knowledge of web-page structure is a valuable asset that anyone can have, in IT and other fields. However, HTML is a key tenet of front-end web development and is a core aspect of what the user winds up seeing on computer screens. With the introduction of HTML5, HTML’s capabilities, as well as opportunities to define or structure web-page data have soared to great heights, with emphasis on mobile web, multimedia, Geo-location, etc.